So what’s with the ‘deeply rooted’ thing?

Honestly you could ask nicer, but I’ll let it slide.

In 2018, my older brother was diagnosed a second time with cancer, and in a separate circumstance, my best friend – someone I had known since 6th grade and spent every day with in our small school, tragically died. My world fell apart. I hadn’t even realized that I had been trying to control everything on my own in my fake little reality, thinking I was in charge of outcomes, until the curtain was ripped away to show that I was never in control.

I was trying to produce without being rooted. So when anything came my way, my self grown little roots were too weak to support anything. I did the classic ‘distract and band-aid the issue’ by traveling to chase happiness but nothing worked. I finally came to a point where I realized I’d have to do the dirty work and dig.

I knew that if I ever wanted flowers in my life, they needed to be rooted in the rich soil of God’s foundation. I don’t want a single blossom produced in my life unless it is a part of Him and the abundant life He offers.

I kill plants, it’s kinda my thing. But thank God for His green thumb and rich soil. I want everything in my life to be rooted and anchored in Him so that growth can take place. But it starts by getting your hands dirty and growing the root system.

I firmly embrace the philosophy that life is what you make it, finding beauty in its every moment. While I won’t chase a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end, you better believe I’ll be dancing beneath it, reveling in the beauty of life’s simplicity. 

This belief intertwines seamlessly with my commitment to living authentically and purposefully. Rejecting societal norms, I’m committed to choosing a path driven by love, passion, and connection rather than conforming to others’ standards and expectations. Prioritizing meaning over external validation, I hope to navigate life embracing imperfections, pursuing genuine relationships, and valuing freedom. My pursuit isn’t for perfection but for a life rich in love, fulfillment, and authenticity through Him alone.

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